October 15th 2016  Update on tower 6 construction. — We are currently working on the foundation structure that will eventually house the tower. The heavy rains this week and over the weekend have set us back a bit. Working with the land owner we will have our next scheduled work day on Friday the 21st.  We will update the status on Saturday the 22nd. Stay tuned.


October 15th 2016, The issue has been corrected.  We are pleased that the network held very well and there were no outages while we addressed the issue with one of our links. The network status is back to normal.

October 15th 2016, We are experiencing a network fluctuation of data at our main tower, that feeds the network. You may see or experience slight degradation of your download speed and upload speed. We are working on this issue and will update this  area when it is completed. Thank you for your patience while we fix this issue.

In our last newsletter we mentioned that we were adding additional bandwidth to our network. This addition is very much needed and we expected it to take place at the beginning of September. We were notified by our bandwidth vendor that the order was delayed due to an error in assignment on their end. This means that we will be putting a halt to adding any new subscribers until our additional bandwidth is in place. We are keeping an eye out for possible slow downs for our existing customers. While some customers may experience temporary lack of full bandwidth, we don’t expect anyone to lose service or have service degrade to the point of un usability.  If you are experiencing slower internet performance, please send an email to netsupport@omnilogicinc.com and let us know what you are experiencing and if this is limited to a certain time of day or while performing a certain task. Thank you for your patience while we work through this situation.