We are in the process of updating our customer portal, so for now, we thought we would post a few tips and tricks to get the most out of the awesome internet service offered by OmniLogic. We will add new tips every now and then so check us out regularly for ways to make your internet experience the best it can be.

Todays tip:  First and foremost, if it seems like your internet connection has slowed down for some unknown reason. It is a good idea to check your wifi signal strength. Even though the signal was great in one spot earlier in the day does not guarantee it will be great every day in the exact same spot. The biggest culprit to slowing internet in frequency interference inside of ones home. This can be caused if you are using a range extender with overlapping coverage areas, or if a device that runs on the wifi network is operating on the same frequency such as a wireless printer or a hotspot. The first thing you want to do is get your hands on a frequency analyzer. There are a few good ones for free you can download from the Apple App store or from Google Play. It is good to get one that can scan both the 2.4 Ghz band and the 5 Ghz band. Load the analyzer on your cell phone and then launch the app. You should be able to see a graph that shows various networks or devices running on a particular frequency. The app should also show you signal strength. The lower the number the better. So, a signal of -53 is much better than a signal strength of -83. Take your phone and walk around your home or office. You will see the signal strength change from one room to the other. As you can see there will be quite a bit of difference between the various spots you check. If you are seeing readings in the -80 range chances are you are going to see weak internet performance at this area.

OmniLogic offers a few products that help fill in the gaps of in home or business wifi coverage areas. We hope this tip helps explain how to check for signal strength in your home or office. Check back soon for more tips.